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‘Tiktok’ encourages pornography! The court orders the center to stop

Whether or not a popular song or a popular movie dialogue – A few seconds before the camera, the song or dialogue is performed by the mango crowd. Social wallets are being shared at the moment. And the whole thing through which the market is called ‘Tiktak’ is an existing app. Hey Video Many times […]

‘Every Indian says,’ My V Choukidar ”, Modi posted a promotion video on Twitter

Today, a video posted on Twitter, Prime Minister Narendra Modi. And in that video, the social media filled the slogan ‘My V Choukidar’. New Delhi: The trumpet has played the Lok Sabha polls. And within a month, the vote-war started. All the political parties have fallen on the ground. The first thing that surprised the […]

Moon Hats at Goppo Music Launch of Kusumitra

Moon Hats at Goppo Music Launch of Kusumitra   Bengali film Kusumitra Gappo is being created with the story of the successful female footballer of Kusumita Das of Bengal. The girl from adjoining area of Sundarbans, successful footballer Kusumita. Having played for the national match for Bengal, he got serious injuries on foot. Then what […]

ব্রেক-আপের পর নেহা গাইলেন, “ইস মে তেরা ঘাটা”

ইনস্টাগ্রামে দু’জনের একে অপরকে আনফলো করা দেওয়া এমনকী নেহা নিজের সোশ্যাল অ্যাকাউন্টগুলি থেকেও দু’জনের বহু ছবি ডিলিট করে দিয়েছিলেন। গায়িকা নেহা কক্কর ও অভিনেতা হিমাংশ কোহলি জাতীয় টেলিভিশনে নিজেদের সম্পর্কের কথা জানিয়েছিলেন । ভেঙে গিয়েছিল সেই সম্পর্ক কিছুদিনের মধ্যেই। নেহা নিজেই নিজের অবসাদের কারণ জানাতে গিয়ে বলেছিলেন তাঁদের ব্রেক-আপের কথা। নেহা ইউটিউবে এই গান শেয়ার […]

How to Get Hundreds of Backlinks Instantly

How to Get Hundreds of Backlinks Instantly You’re writing content but no one’s linking to you. Are you doing something wrong? In this article I’m gonna share with you How to Get Hundreds of Backlinks Instantly. See, here’s the thing, there’s a lot of amazing informational articles out there, from blog posts on marketing, to […]

Blogging or Vlogging? What is the difference?

Individual or Brand, Everyone wants more viewers or visitors for their platform. There are basically two traffic generation strategies blogging and vlogging to generate huge amount of traffic and gain potential customers. ( Blogging or vlogging ) Blogging is all about writing articles and vlogging is all about creating videos. But the question is what to choose? Blogging or vlogging? Blogging Blogging is like […]

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