How to Registration Bandhan Bank Net Banking


Bandhan Bank Net Banking Registration

Dear Customer
Bandhan Bank In continuation of our endeavor to provide more user friendly and improved Internet banking services, the daily fund transfer limits for Interbank transfers (RTGS/NEFT/IMPS – P2A) and Intra Bank transfers (third party accounts within the bank) have been enhanced to ₹10 lacs.

However, there is no cap on transfer of funds to your own accounts within the bank

Requirements of Bandhan bank net banking registration:

For the net banking registration process you need 3 things :

(i) Your registered mobile number which is linked to your bank account.
(ii) Bandhan bank ATM Debit card and
(iii) Finally, you have to know your CIF number or Customer Number (you can find it on Chequebook or passbook).

Bandhan Bank Net Banking Registration Process:

Steps 1:

First of all, you have to enable net banking facility in your account. For this visit your nearest bandana bank branch and submit customer request form for Net Banking facility. After that flow below steps.

Steps 2:

Now you have to complete the online self-registration process. So click on below link or visit Bandhan bank internet banking Login page


Steps 3:

Click on Continue To login button.
Steps 4:

As a result, you will get Bandhan bank net banking welcome screen.

Now Click on the New user. As shown in the image.

Steps 5:

At New User Registration page. You Will get 3 instruction, you have to read and confirm all. So select all the three checkboxes to confirmation and then click on CONTINUE button.
Steps 6:

Enter your 12 digits, Customer Number or CIF number; you can find it on Chequebook or passbook. Enter here. After entering your CIF number Click on CONTINUE button.
Steps 7:

As a result, you will get 2 options. You can select any one as your choice. But I suggest you, select the first option(With Debit card and ATM pin) and click on CONTINUE Button.
Steps 8:
Here you need to fill out all your account related details. As shown in the image.
Customer Number: Here you will get your Customer number atomically.
Date of Birth: Enter your Date of birth here.
Your Debit Card Number: Enter your debit card number.
Expiry Date of Your Debit Card: and here enter your debit card expiry date correctly.
Now enter captcha code and click on submit button.
Steps 9:

After submitting all account details you will get an OTP (one-time password) on your registered mobile number. Just put the OTP and click on SUBMIT button. After that flow next step.
Steps 10:

Enter your ATM Debit Card Pin and press on CONTINUE button.
Steps 11:

Here you need to fill out the following details. As shown in the image.

  User Id: Choice a unique User id as per your choice and check for availability
                 (You can choose any name, number or mix but it must be unique.

                 Example User ID: Qdigita, qdigita123, yourname, bBnetbanking.
                 Note: don’t use any press.

Login Password: Set a password for login.

Transaction Password: Set another password for Transaction. And it must be different to your Login password.

Finally, Click on the CONTINUE button.

That’s all. Great job!
You will see the Congratulation screen for the successful registration. Now login and enjoy the cashless world of banking.

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