Mission Shakti : Due to lack of political will, did not meet in 2007, ISRO chief opened after DRDO


India was able to implement ‘Mission Shakti’ long before. But, the program stopped in political gimmies. This is what ISRO’s former chairman G Madhavan Nayar said. One of the former head of DRDO is also the face of ISRO’s ex-chief.

News Agency PTI-KG Madhavan Nayar said, “In 2007, China destroyed an old weather satellite. The same technology was then in India.

Nayar said the ISRO and DRDO could be tested by technology. Scientists could complete the project in two years if received government approval.

In his words, “there was a lack of political will”. Praising the Prime Minister, Nayar said, “Courage has now decided to make a decision now Narendra Modi He wants to show the world our power “

In 2012, DRDO presented the mission of energy, but the approval was not granted. Saraswat, the former head of the DRDO, said, “I have detailed plans on the project to the National Security Advisor and the National Security Council. Discussion was also done. They were heard by heart ”. The UPA Government has not even shown interest in the DRDO project, it has also been explained by Saraswat. In his words, “Unfortunately the government did not get a positive response from the UPA. Saraswat further said, “Satish Reddy and the National Security Advisor presented the proposal to the Prime Minister. Prime Minister’s courage showed. The project has been approved to go ahead. If approved in 2012-2013 it would have been possible to implement in 14-15 ”.

India destroys a satellite with anti-satellite missile on Wednesday. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has announced the nation on Wednesday, Modi said that anti-satellite A-SAT missiles made in India have destroyed an unused satellite in the Low Earth Orbiter. Through this campaign India became a major force in the space struggle. Because, before this type of missile was used by the United States, China and Russia.

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