Moon Hats at Goppo Music Launch of Kusumitra

Moon Hats at Goppo Music Launch of Kusumitra


Bengali film Kusumitra Gappo is being created with the story of the successful female footballer of Kusumita Das of Bengal. The girl from adjoining area of Sundarbans, successful footballer Kusumita. Having played for the national match for Bengal, he got serious injuries on foot. Then what would be the terrible consequence of his life that will come up in the ‘Kusumitara Gappo’ of Hrishikesh Mandal



Actor Kaushumta will be seen in the role of Kusumita in ‘Kusumitara Goppo’ actress Ushasi Chakraborty. In contrast to Kusumitra’s Gappo-Ushasi, footballer Shilton will also be seen. Actor Shilton, who is going to become for Kusumita.


In 1986, the famous movie ‘Koni’ was created with the story of a female swimmer on the story of Moti Nandi. Which gets national awards. Then there was no other movie like that of female players in Bengal. Director Rishikesh Mandal’s upcoming movie ‘Kusumitra Gappo’ is coming up again once again the story of a female player.


It has been known that actress Ehsi or a lot of hard work has become the footballer’s chemistry. Football has to learn somewhat of the necessity of football Like a player, he had to go to the field regularly to practice and practice.



Recently, this was the music launch of director Hrishikesh Mandal. All the artists of the picture were present at the ceremony.



Surajit Chatterjee and Sidhu are doing music in this movie. Sung Sengupta, Lagnajita, Kunjal Chattopadhyay, Prashmatya Pal and Surjit Chatopadhyay sang the song.

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