Seeking peace at the border, two countries, trending #SayNoToWar on Twitter


Tension tension at the border. The two countries have been playing the air force, the war dashamah. Indian air strikes, and violations of Indian air force in Pakistan, try to conduct military operations. It is as if the frown of war The border between the two countries fits with excitement The common people, near the border of fear, are ordinary civilians. India or Pakistan refusing to leave an inch of land Nobody wants to compromise on national security? However, this tension is pushing the path of destruction in two countries, it may be understood that the peace-loving people of the two countries And that’s why Twitter’s top trending #SayNoToWar



The situation is hot in both the countries. After the Pulwama attack the Indian air force has returned. The Imran administration has shocked the air strikes in Pakistan’s soil. Pakistan has tried to counter the Indian military. Pakistan did not achieve success But their mischief wrecked the spark of war. At any time, the game of destruction can be started. However, the common people are seeking war. Maybe not A section of the citizens of at least two countries demanding that they want peace, not war. And that’s why Twitter is twitching in the first three of the two countries on trending #SayNoToWar hashtag When this report was written, #SayNoToWar hashtag in India was trending at number 2. And at number 3 in Pakistan The hashtag is moving around from the first three in almost every country since Tuesday morning. Thousands of peacekeepers from both countries use this hashtag tweeting.



Pakistan, however, bicameralized this peacekeeping initiative. Pak Prime Minister Imran Khan says in the face of war do not want. However, the army of his country tried to attack the military base of India on this day. The compromise express was stuck in Pakistan. If this is not closed, it is not possible to make peace, it may not be said.


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Prashanth Rangaswamy@itisprashanth

People first . Politicians and their games next. The impact of loss of life is same for both of us . Let’s unite and !!

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Jeremy McLellan


Captured Indian pilot experiences legendary Pakistani hospitality ☕

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Jeremy McLellan


If these soldiers can have tea together and get along, why not IK and Modi?

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Usama Khilji


Indian politicians & media should learn how to speak in a civilised manner from the captured Indian Air Force pilot talking here to a Pakistani soldier. Glad he was treated well by Pakistan, including fantastic tea. Let’s end this conflict here

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