‘Tiktok’ encourages pornography! The court orders the center to stop

Whether or not a popular song or a popular movie dialogue – A few seconds before the camera, the song or dialogue is performed by the mango crowd. Social wallets are being shared at the moment. And the whole thing through which the market is called ‘Tiktak’ is an existing app.

Hey Video Many times you may have seen in the web media But the Madras High Court directed the cancellation of this popular Chinese app titled ‘Tiktok’.

Alia Bhatta (left). The teenager (right) looked like he was popular with social media through ‘Tiktok’ app.

Data says that at this moment, Videocon shares an average of 550 million people every month in India using the ‘Tiktak’ app. On Madarai bench of the Madras High Court hearing on Wednesday this app was heard. The court observation, using these apps, children are creating various horror videos. Sometimes it also carries sex indications. Encourage pornography!

Madurai’s lawyer filed a lawsuit against this app, lawyer and social worker Muthu Kumar. He appealed to the court to stop the application by showing reasons for social degradation, child abuse, suicides, and more. The court has ordered the central government to make the statement about the closure of this app on Apr 16.

A spokesman for the ‘Tiktok’ app said in a press release that the companies prepared to comply with all laws. Their duty is to maintain the environment of a positive and secure app. He is waiting for the court’s written order, he said.

It is to be noted that, a few months ago, Tamil Nadu legislator, AIADMK’s deputy, Thamiamam Ansari, advocated the closure of the ‘Tiktok’ app by giving reasons for social degradation. In 2019, a Beijing company came to the app market. Since then, it is the ultimate popular.

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