Transfer any file from server to server, in just 1 minute or less


The main point of this post is how you transfer any file from server to server, in just 1 minute or less. Many of the different file servers have to be transfered to the server. In this case backup files on the server are compressed and uploaded in Zip format and uploaded to another server. There is a lot of time in this case. Depending on your internet speed, how long it will take. You can finish the job with a PHP script in just 1 minute or less. The advantage of this script is that any file size server can transfer from any file server to the server. If size is 500 mm or 1 GB, then it will take more than 1 minute.



Code :



* Transfer Files Server to Server Using PHP Script
* @link

/* Source File URL */
$remote_file_url = ‘http://localhost/’;

/* New file name and path for this file */
$local_file = ‘’;

/* Copy the file from source url to server */
$copy = copy( $remote_file_url, $local_file );

/* Add notice for success/failure */
if( !$copy ) {
echo “Failed To Copy $file…\n”;
echo “Copy Successfull $file…\n”;




Terms of use of this code

Copy the code as a PHP file or download it from the download link and upload it.
/ * Source File URL * / at http: //localhost/ instead of entering your file address.
/ * Enter your file name instead of * in / new file name and path for this file *. The file must be written in the format that is in the file. My file was in zip format in the above code. So I wrote as
Now visit the page. If the above works are OK then Copy Successfull will appear and if there is a mistake, then the Failed To Copy will appear……….


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